About Us

At Athena Apparel Solutions, our differentiating factor is our ability to provide a complete approach for your apparel needs.  In comparison to our competitors, who typically offer only one service, we offer a full roster of services that includes design, technical design, development, sourcing, and merchandising.  We expertly spearhead every element throughout the entire process – from conceptualizing to merchandising products.

Athena owner, Kara Welch, spent more than 15 years in the athletic and apparel industry working for prestigious clothing brands like Reebok, Timberland, New Balance, Foot Locker and Bauer Hockey.  She felt there was a void of outsourced design companies that offered a full range of services, and this is how Athena Apparel Solutions was established in 2010.

Specializing in athletic and outdoor apparel, Athena creates innovative, fresh, modern, stylish, detailed products that skillfully combine fashion and function.  The Athena team prides themselves on always being timely, professional, and knowledgeable – which is why they’ve attracted a high-profile client list that includes Reebok, LPGA, Sperry Top-Sider, and Sauce Hockey.

Athena’s staff understands from first-hand experience that apparel should enhance our active pursuits.  We run, ski, swim, paddleboard, do CrossFit, hike, golf, weight-lift, do yoga and camp. And when we’re active, we wear clothes that move with us, feel comfortable, perform well and can withstand anything we throw at them – like the clothes we design.  Your clothes – and your apparel partner – should help you go the extra mile.  At Athena, that’s what we’re about.

Kara Welch, Owner/Founder