Athena Apparel - Design Services

Designing clothes that are flattering, comfortable, durable, and functional, as well as stylish, innovative, fresh, modern, and detailed. Read More

Athena Apparel - Technical Design Services

Our team thinks from a functional standpoint, while always incorporating beautiful aesthetics into our products. Read More

Athena Apparel - Product Development Services

We understand the development process is a critical part of each product’s overall success, so we take it very seriously. Read More

Athena Apparel - Merchandising Services

Today, there’s more retail competition than ever before. Your apparel must stand out and really shine at the retail level to maximize attention, interest and sales. Read More

Athena Apparel - Sourcing Services

We have long-standing, well-established factory and vendor relationships domestically and all over the world. Read More

Athena Mission Statement

At Athena Apparel Solutions, we offer a full roster of design and production services, specializing in the outdoor and athletic industries. We’re committed to providing innovative, fresh, modern, apparel solutions that skillfully combine fashion and function. Our clothing is meant to enhance our active pursuits, empowering and inspiring people to live an active, healthy, happy lifestyle.
Our clothes – and our team – will always go the distance.